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The World Is Full Of Beauty …充满美丽的世界…


The World Is Full Of Beauty …充满美丽的世界

Abstract: A few months back, my mother recited a poem to me, extracted from a local Chinese newspaper. And it is about seeing the world while one is still capable of traveling. So for three months I went traveling solo.

摘要 : 几个月前,我的母亲从本地华文报纸上摘录了一首诗. 它是关于一个人如果仍然能够去旅行的时候便要抓住机会出去看看世界. 所以我便抽出三个月时间独自去旅行了.

 Engaging Mother in conversation

The Waves of the Yangtze River ….長江後浪推前浪


Abstract: My mother is going to be 90 this year. As was, as is and as will be, she is my guiding light and how bless I am, that at my age my mother is still very much alive and still gives me some of the soundest advice. God bless her, always!

摘要 :  我母亲今年将是要90岁了。 无论過去现在或者是将来都还是一样,她都是我的指路明灯,我是多么的幸福,在我这把年纪,我母亲还健康地活着,她仍然一直都给我一些最好忠告。 祈求上帝永远保佑她!

The Pounding Waves of the Yangtze River

My mother will be 90 this year by the lunar calendar.  Her osteoporosis of many years has taken its toll and she is almost bent double, her back racked with pain occasionally and have to take a daily dose of pain killer. She is still mobile, walking slowly with the aid of a stainless steel quad cane.


The Last of the Few Meals …最后的那几餐…


The Last of the Few Meals …最后的那几餐

Brief: Today is the first anniversary of the demise of my father.  So I thought it is appropriate that I re-post this article on the first anniversary of his death.

Our family will always remember him as a great and loving husband and father.

May his soul rest in peace …

The following post below first appeared last August 2016.

今天是我父亲逝世的一周年。 所以我认为在他去世一周年之后我转发这篇上次的文章是适当的。




My father was 94. For the first two weeks of July 2016 he was weak and refused to eat. As we could not feed him anymore, we hospitalized him and was immediately put on an IV drip. He succumbed to old age and passed away peacefully.

去年七月我94的父七月的头两个星期 2016,他身体已很虚弱了,并开始拒绝吃饭。 为我们不能喂他了,于是我就送他去医院,立刻就为了他「(打)吊瓶掛水」….. 但最后, 还是屈服于老年,平静地过世了。

Below are the comments from my previous post, FB, well-wishers, prayers, contributions and condolence messages during his wake. We wish to thank all of you for being with us at a time of distress when a dear one is called away.

以下是我以前的帖子邮件FB的祝福者的祷告,贡献和慰问讯息的评论。 亲爱的朋友, 在悲时候,我们要感谢大家都能和我们在一起.

Comment: Arthur, you are a good son. May God bless you, your family and your parents, always.

Arthur: May God bless us all, always.

评论 : 亚瑟,愿上帝永的保佑, 祝福你,你的家人和你的父母。

亚瑟: 愿神永的祝福我大家.

Comment: I wish I could do that.

(Referring to bathing and feeding my father)

Arthur: Most of us wish too. It is not a chore. It is not a burden. It is not a responsibility. Neither is it an obligation. Simply, it is a privilege to serve.


亚瑟: 大多数的人都希望替父沐浴和喂食物不是一件烦恼,  也不是一个负担。 这不是责任,  也不是义务,  简单来说,这是服务的特权。

Comment: You are a filial son. I am sure your children will do the same thing to you when you are sick.

Arthur: Thanks but no thanks. Don’t delve on it, less it becomes self-fulfilling, i.e. I become bed ridden.

评论你是一个孝子。 我相信,当你生病的时候,你的孩子们会做同样的事情。

亚瑟:谢谢,但也不谢。 也不必要深入研究,順其自然


Comment: You are lucky to have aged old parents and your parents are lucky to have a good son.

Arthur: Yes. There is an old saying in Chinese: 见白头嗔,我见白头. Translation: Some may not like old folks, but I am very happy to see them.


亚瑟:是的 , 有一句句子:人见白头嗔,我见白头喜。 译:有些人可能不喜欢老人家,但我很高兴看到他们。

Comment: Your mother must be very sad at the demise of her husband.

Arthur: They were married for 69 years. My mother is a strong woman. She accepts the inevitable that nobody lives forever.


亚瑟:他们结婚了69年。 我的母亲是一个坚强的女人, 她能接受个不可避免的事….没有人能永的活着。

Comment: In the Chinese culture, filiality is an important personal trait of good character and you live up to it.

Arthur: Filiality is a universal value. All cultures emphasize on it. We contribute to the well-being of our parents in different ways.


亚瑟:孝顺是一个普遍价值。 所有文化都调它。 可以用不同的方式为我们父母的福祉作出贡献。

Comment: You may have gained a lot of merits by being filial to your parents. You will have good Karma.

Arthur: It’s better to do something for our parents out of love, and not of expectations.

评论:你可能因为孝顺父母而获得了很多优点。 你会有很好的因果报应


Comment: I have seen many who do not even talk to their parents when they were alive, but cried thunder and rain during their wake.

Arthur: A flower to the living is better than dozens of bouquet to the dead. A spoonful of porridge fed is better than to shed copious tears after they are gone.


亚瑟:活花比死掉的数十根花束好。 在他活着的时候喂一勺粥总比在他死后流一大堆眼泪来的好。

Comment (from many): Our deepest condolence to you and your family on the demise of your father. May he rest in peace.

Arthur: Thank you to all for your kind thoughts and condolence messages.

评论(来自许多人):我们对你和你的家人, 对你父亲的死亡深表哀悼。 愿他安息。

Le O’ Lah Ham

May God’s Will Be Done.



I have heard …我听说过


A jester once annoyed the King with an inappropriate joke in the medieval court. To vent his displeasure, he sentenced the jester to death.

在中世纪的法庭上, 一个小丑用不当的笑话惹恼了国王。 那个国王为了表示他的不满,他判处了小丑死刑。

Immediately when his words left his mouth, the King regretted it. The jester was his most loyal and favorite subject. But as the King of the court, a command once uttered could not be rescinded.

So the jester was imprisoned, awaiting the day for his execution.


那个小丑是他最忠实和最喜欢的公民, 但是作一个国王,一旦发出命令就不能被取消.


A few days later, the King summoned the jester.

“I shall grant you one last request. You may wish to die by the sword, or by the gallows, or by a chalice with poison or by any other means.” said the King. This was the least he could do for the jester.

 The jester, who was on his knees, gave a low bow.


我会给你一个最后请求。 你有一个选择你可以希望被剑杀死,或被绞刑,或用毒药或任何其他手段去达到死亡.国王说。这是国王能为小丑做的最低限度的一件事情.

那个小丑跪下来, 国王一个低低的鞠躬.

“Thank you, O’King, for bestowing me your grace.  I shall wish to die by my old age.”

The King was relieved for the jester’s quick wit. He spared him.

谢谢国王给我的恩典。 我希望我能年老自然死。

国王因为小丑的快速机智而放心, 最后他幸免小丑的死刑.


Don’t we all wish that, too.


They are our customers! 他们其实是我们的客户啊!


 They are our customers, not competitors!


Calvin at the Gems & Jewelry Show, Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas 加尔文在珠宝首饰展览,幻影酒店及赌场,拉斯维加斯

Abstract: By the time they finished high school at age 17 or 18, I sent my 3 children to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), New York City (NYC), to do their Graduate Gemologist (GG). And they have a keener nose for business than me. Probably, an old dog needs to learn new tricks, occasionally.

摘要:当他们17,18岁刚刚完成高中时,我将3名孩子送到纽约市(NYC)美国宝石学院(GIA),继续读他们宝石学家研究生(GG)的课程。 而且我觉得他们的商业天赋比我更敏感, .  可能,对我来说老外说 的对….“ 一只老狗也需要偶尔学习点新的技巧”.

Marilyna & Calvin, both graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC 玛丽莲娜和加尔文都是毕业于纽约时尚学院

Participating In Trade Exhibition 


In the mid 2000s, Marilyna, my eldest daughter and Calvin, my second son, were doing their undergraduate degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), in New York City while William the youngest son was doing his GG at the GIA, NYC. They were then 20, 19 and 17 of age. So, they were young, enthusiastic, saw the world from a different perspective, and with some experience to boot in the chaotic and frenetic Big Apple, New York City.

2000年中,我的大女儿玛丽丽娜和我的第二个儿子加尔文在美国纽约市中心的「时尚技术学院」(FIT)读他们的学士学位,而最小的儿子威廉也正在纽约市中心的「美国宝石学院」(GIA),做他研究生宝石学家的学位(GG. 他们当时才是20岁,19岁和17, 他们年轻,热情,从不同的角度看待世界,并能用这个机会挣到一些能适应在混乱和疯狂的「大苹果」中的生活经验,「大苹果」便是纽约市的别名。

The best thing I could do was to give them more exposure in the jade and gemstones trade. They could just skip a day or two from their universities and helped out. So we often participated in the Gems and Jewelry Trade Shows in the good old US of A., in New York City, Las Vegas and Tucson, Arizona where the annual February show was being held.

我能做到最好的事情便是给他们更多的曝露在玉石和宝石贸易的机会。 他们可以跳过一两天大学课程来帮帮我. 所以我们经常都有参加在美国每年二月份在纽约市,拉斯维加斯和亚利桑那州, 图森举办的宝石和珠宝展览会展会.

Marilyna, Calvin & William at our booth at the Mirage Hotel & Casino 玛丽莲娜,加尔文和威廉在我们的摊位….幻影酒店和赌场

Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas


We participated in one of the Gems & Jewelry Show in Mirage Hotel & Casino, one late spring month.  Our merchandises consisted of mostly Burmese jade and corundum (rubies and sapphires), jewelry, rough, semi-cut, cut, carvings and boulders. Apart from the Hong Kong Pavilion, where a number of the booths exhibited high quality jade jewelry, we were the only booth selling Burmese stones. So I thought I could sell my jade well and get some long term customers.

有一个春天, 我们参加了一个在美国拉斯维加斯, 米拉奇赌场酒店举办的珠宝玉石首饰展会. 我们的商品包括了大多来自缅甸的缅甸玉和刚玉(红宝石和蓝宝石),珠宝首饰,粗糙,半切,切,雕刻和石块都有。那边, 除了香港馆,其中许多展位都展出高品质的翡翠饰品,我们是唯一卖缅甸宝石的的展位。所以我想我会能拉得到一些良好的长期客户。

Sister & Brother at the booth 姐弟在摊位

The trade show was held for 5 days. For the first two days, our sale was dismayed. We could not make enough even for a decent family dinner in Las Vegas and my initial outlay and cost for participating was astronomical. We did have great comments from those who browsed at our booth, the ‘Ohs’ and the ‘Ahs’, ‘it’s so beautiful”, “I love jade”, “Mmm, I am considering getting some for my wife,” this and that, and after a while I had heard them all. But there was no show time in getting these people to pull their wallets to flash their credit cards or cash.

那次展会举办了5天。开始的前两天,我们对我们的销售感到非常的失望.,我们甚至无法能赚到足够的钱在拉斯维加斯去享受一餐体面的晚餐,因为我们的投资成本和参与费用是天文数字般的昂贵. 不过我们在我们的摊位里面听到了许多在浏览我们展位顾客的好评,好相….“哦!啊!真漂亮我好爱玉石我正在考虑为我的妻子买一些”… 等等,  经过一段时我们全都都听过了. 虽然好评很多, 但是就是不能使他们来刷卡或支付现金去买. 

Buffet dinner at Cravings, Mirage Hotel & Casino 在Cravings,Mirage吃自助晚餐

We had our buffet dinner at Cravings, Mirage that night. So, I threw open the question to the 3 kids (they are and will always be kids to me, anyway), “What are we going to do?”

There was no recriminations from them. They did not say that I had not done my homework by researching the market. Though they had warned me much earlier that the market for jade was very thin in USA, they did not say so. This was a brain-storming session, and not a blame-storming one.

那天晚上,我们在CravingsMirage吃自助晚餐。 我问他们3个小孩(反正他们永远是我的小孩)….“我们怎么办?

他们没有指责我. 他们没有说我没有详细研究过市场, 没有做功课等等虽然他们早些时候已经提醒过我,美国的玉石市场不太好,但他们并没有这么说. 这是一个洗脑谈话,而不是一个相互谴责的谈话.

“Dad, can you give us a free rein on what to do tomorrow?” Calvin said.

I thought hard for a moment. These 3 kids may have been discussing what to do next. I said, “Since you have been with me on several trips to Burma, you know our acquisition cost and our overheads. Do what you all think is best for tomorrow.”


我想了一会儿, 3个孩子可能已经讨论过下一步该做什么. 我说:既然你们和我都去过缅甸多次,你就知道我们的收购成本和我们的开销那明天就遵循你的意见去做拉.“

Calvin with his bag of rough and cut jade stones in Mandalay, Burma 加尔文拿着一大包粗糙的玉石石头….曼德勒缅甸上游

On the third day morning, we took out our merchandises from the security room and displayed them on the counters in our booth.

Calvin said, “Dad, you mind the stall, we have work to do.” And the three of them disappeared for almost the whole day, dropping by occasionally to collect our brochures we brought to the exhibition.


Calvin and I at the booth. 加尔文和我在摊位

For that day there were the usual on-lookers, people passing by, asking the price on some merchandises, taking our brochures and name cards, making enquiries and small talk, but they kept their wallets on a tight lease. I thought to myself, that if they didn’t buy now they ain’t buy no more through emails.

The co-ordinator, a gorgeous lady, for the exhibition organizer popped in once in a while to enquire “Arthur, how is the going?” I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and said “I am doing fine, Julie”.  Ha! She should know better as every credit card sales ran through the organizer’s POS terminal.

那天,照常经过的旁观者,他们只是问问一些商品的价格,拿我们的小册子和名片,进行查询和小聊天,但是他们仍然紧紧地把他们的钱包抓紧不放。 我自己想,如果他们现在不买的话,他们定然不会再通过电子邮件购买。

组办单位的负责人,一位非常绮丽的女士,有时会顺便拜访我们一下,询问亚瑟,怎么样?我笑了起来,耸了耸肩,说:太好了! 我很好,朱莉 哈! 每张信用卡销售都通过组织者的POS电脑终端刷的,所以她应该知道得更清楚。

At the Singing Fountain at Bellagio Hotel & Casino Bellagio Hotel&Casino旁边的唱歌喷泉

We had take-away dinner that night, then we walked to the singing fountain at Bellagio Hotel & Casino and the various casinos on The Strip. There was no business talk. But I could sense that the kids were quite optimistic about something, which I could not pin-point.

那晚, 我们打包外卖晚餐吃,然后我们走到了Bellagio HotelCasino赌场和The Strip的各间赌场旁边的唱歌喷泉。 那晚我们没有谈论销售成果。 但是,我可以感觉到但是无法指出,孩子们对于某些事情非常的乐观。

On the fourth day, we had a small crowd already when we opened up. A number of them called Calvin and Marilyna by their names, as if they were old friends. I noticed then that these were exhibitors from the various stalls by the badges they wore. Instead of the ‘Ohs’ and the ‘Ahs’ they said,”” “Alright, Calvin I take these and that,”, “Marilyna, can you go down some more,” “I take the whole lot, Calvin”.

第四天,当我们开摊位的时候,已经有一小群人在摊位外面等待着了. 他们中的一些人叫着卡尔文和玛丽莲娜他们的名字,好像他们是老朋友一样. 从他们穿着的徽章看来, 我注意到,他们都是这里各种摊位的参展商.

这次绝对不是几天前的哦!啊!“…而是他们说,”“好吧,加尔文我拿这些,”, “ 玛莉莲呢,你能再减价一点吗?。 当你是卖家的时候,我感觉到这些都是我耳朵里甜蜜的音乐,就像一个小零售商的收银机开开关关的声音。

Business was coming in and at a real hectic pace. These buyers did not linger long. They had their own booths to mind. They came, they saw and they negotiated. Each deal was done by the kids expediently. Marilyna and Calvin were calling the shots. William and I were collecting cash and writing out receipts. Occasionally, I ran to the Organizer’s Processing Center to draw on some of the buyers’ credit cards.

By the close of the business day, we had done quite well.

销售进入了一个真正忙碌的步伐。 这些买家没有停留太久, 因为他们有自己的摊位要照顾。 他们来了,看了,也谈判了。 每个交易都是由孩子们顺利地完成的. 玛丽莲娜和加尔文正在操纵销售威廉和我在忙于收取现金和写出收据. 偶尔,我会跑到主办单位的处理中心去会刷一些买家的信用卡。


William , Calvin and me at the booth 我和威廉,加尔文在摊位

We had our dinner at Cravings, Mirage. Our moods were exuberant. We were not exhausted by the day’s hectic event. We were all charged up, we ate wolfishly, my appetite was more so whetted by the dollars in my bag.

Calvin fired the first salvo with the opening gambit, “Dad, you told us that they are more than 500 over exhibitors at the Show. We are competing head on with them.”

Oh! Suddenly I lapsed into selective amnesia. Heck! Did I say that before we came? But the dollars in my bag were real. So I kept my counsel and let them talked.

“Dad, they are our customers, not competitors!” said Marilyna seriously.

我们再次在CravingsMirage吃晚餐。 我们每个人的心情都很兴奋。 我们当天尽管很忙碌但是我们没有觉得累。 我们大家都好像刚被充电过似的,我们都狼吞虎咽地吃了一个丰富的晚餐,我的胃口更像是被在我们包包里的美元敲醒似的。

加尔文开场打开了第一个话题,爸爸,你告诉我们参展人数超过500我们正在与他们迎头竞争 ?“

! 突然,我选了一个选择性的遗忘. 哎呀! 在我们来之前我有这样说过吗? 但看到我包包里的美元确实是真的,  所以我保留了我的辩护,让他们继续说下去。


Marilyna and I at the booth 玛丽莲娜和我在摊位

Calvin continued in a more amiable tone, “These exhibitors come from all over the world. We have worked out that most of them do not carry jade items in their business. They can increase their retail merchandises by adding an additional item. And we can be their supplier of choice because we have our direct resources in Burma for many years.”

Wow! Such beautiful marketing terms well said by this young lad, all piss and vinegar, so to speak.

加尔文继续以一种更加亲切的语调说, “ 这些参展商来自世界各地, 我们已经确定,他们大多数人都不会在他们的商业讨论中携带玉石物品。因此他们可以增加另一个额外的项目,即是缅甸翡翠玉零售商品。我们可以成为他们的首选供应商,因为我们在缅甸有直接资源多年。

哇! 这几个年轻的小伙子能够说出这样漂亮的营销术用语, 很好! 我只能张开嘴巴没什么可说了 ! 哈哈 !

The drift of our conversation was now very animated. They described how they sectioned all the various booths among themselves, leaving out the Hong Kong pavilion, and each of them armed with our brochures went from booth to booth to tell them who we were. By Jove! Even some Hong Kong dealers came to see us, more like nosing around than really buying from us. These were the big boys in the trade.

Now, that called for a celebration. I ordered a bottle of red wine from the menu, I didn’t know much about wine but I just chose one with a median price range. These kids could not even walk into a pub in NYC because they were underage for liquor consumption.

On the last day of the exhibition, most of our jade items were sold.

Good work, Kids!

现在我们谈话漂移的非常生动了。 他们描述了他们如何划分所有的各个摊位,排除香港馆,每个装有我们的小册子的摊位我们都去告诉他们我们是谁。 感到惊讶的是…. 即使香港的经销商也来看望我们,他们不是想要买东西, 好相是想要从我们那里得到一些消息。 我的这三个小孩子都是商业领域贸易中的大男孩呢!

现在是时候要庆祝了 ! 我从菜单上点了一瓶红葡萄酒,我对葡萄酒不太了解,所以我选择了一个中档价格范围的。 这三个小孩子甚至还不能走进纽约市任何的一家酒吧,因为他们还未成年不能喝酒。 


 孩子们!干的好 !

The 3 kids at the Hoover Dam, Nevada 3个孩子在内华达的胡佛水坝

My Mother On The Smart Phone!

My Mother on her Samsung Handphone 母亲正在使用三星电话

My Mother On The Smart Phone!


Abstract: My mother is going to be 89 in May this year. My son bought her a Samsung Tap A smart phone with a 7” screen. With her new toy, she has been busy now watching old movies, on YouTube, Wechat, Whatsapp and on the family group chat. She even has a Facebook to boot!

摘要 : 我母今年五月份将要89. 我的儿子给她买了一台带七寸屏幕的三星Tap A智能手机。携着她的新玩具,她一直在忙着在YouTube上看老电影, 微信, Whatsapp, 在家庭团体聊天。 她甚至有一个Facebook帐户 !

Mother’s Facebook 母亲的面子书

Never Too Old To Learn


My mother will be 89 this coming May. Racked by osteoporosis, she has bent almost double. Since my father’s death last year in July she has been alone. Of course, she has the company of her grandchildren from my sister’s side and her great grand children.  I spend a couple of hours with her daily.  Mmm …getting her counsel and getting her to narrate all those stories of old China. She has a phenomenal memory and her mind is razor sharp.

我的母亲今年五月将会是89岁了. 由于年老的骨质疏松症的影响, 她的腰已经极度的弯了. 自从我父亲去年七月份去世以来,她一直便是孤独的一个人了. 当然,她的孙子女 – 我姐姐大儿子的两个孩子和她的曾孙子都一直在陪着她. 我每天都陪她几个小时, 去听她的劝告和建议,和听她叙述中国有趣的老故事. 她有一个惊人的记忆,她的头脑相似锋利的剃刀.

My parents (one year before my father’s passing) with Guangzhou relatives, her grandson and grand-daughter-in-law, great granddaughter and my brother. 一年前, (父亲过世前),我父母与广州的亲戚,孙子,媳妇,孙女,弟弟。

She walks slowly, sometimes with the help of a quad cane with 4 pods.  But her eyesight is still extremely good, with the help of a pair of long sighted spectacles.

My mother hale and healthy with razor sharp mind and good eyesight 我那健康, 视力好, 如同剃刀锋利头脑的母亲

She reads the local Chinese newspaper and watches the TV Chinese channels. But the Chinese movies are too long for comfort. So my sister suggested we get her a smart phone.

她走路慢慢的,有时会用到拐杖和四脚架的帮助. 她的视力还是非常的好, 只需要一双远视眼镜的帮助便可以了, 她喜欢读本地的中国报纸,看中国的电视频道. 但是本地电视太过沉闷和无聊,  所以我姐姐建议我们给她一个智能手机

My mother with my sister and yours truly 我的母亲和我的姐姐……母亲和我

Calvin, her grandson (who is my second son) bought a Samsung phone for her two weeks ago.  Less than two weeks, she is now quite good at handling her phone. She can make a video call on Wechat to her granddaughter in New York City. She video chats with her sister-in-law, who is 92 years of age, in Guangzhou and other relatives from China. Alas, there is only her sister-in-law who is of almost the same age group with her. All her friends and relatives have come to pass.


不到两周的时间,她现在已经很会使用这个电话了,  她还可以用微信和她在纽约市的孙女打电话呢. 她经常和她在广州92岁的嫂嫂和中国其他地方的亲戚进行视像聊天。 唉,只有她的嫂子和她几乎是一样相同年龄的姐妹, 她的所有朋友和亲戚都已经去世了。

Mother with grandson William & Calvin and her great grandson, Gervace (Sister’s grandson) 母亲与孙子威廉和加尔文和她的曾孙子,格瓦斯(姐姐的孙子)

She also reads messages on the family group chat on Whatsapp type written in Chinese characters. She scrolls through YouTube to read those videos which are of interest to her. She watches all her favorite Mandarin movies of the 60s and the 70s and some current movies, which I have down-loaded from YouTube and store onto the external micro-scan disk. She make normal calls to us. She also reads her Facebook.

She is such a blessing to all our family members.

Now, says who, that one is too old to learn!

她也可以在我的家庭聊天小阅读以汉字编写的Whatsapp类型的消息。浏览YouTube阅读她感兴趣的视频, 观看了所有她最喜欢的60年代,70年代的国语电影和一些当今的电影,那是我从YouTube载并存储在盘上. 她也常打电话给我们,  她的


现在,谁说的, 人太老了不能学习

My father and mother, circa 1947 in Guangzhou, China 我的父亲和母亲,大约在1947年 中国广州

先生,这美钞没有用 !

One of the open cast mines in Mogok

The following post is a Chinese translation from “Sir! Dis’ Dollah No Good” by popular demand.

摘要 : 在我20多年中的印度支那国家旅行中 (越南, 柬埔寨,, 缅甸和泰国 ), 我遇到过许多假美钞的例子. 除泰国外, 外国人在这些国家中最常用的货币是绿钞 (美元 ) 。以下文章是我遇到过的其中一个遭遇


几年前我和喀爾文,我的第二个儿子,我们去了一趟在曼德勒 (缅甸 )以北闻名的「抹谷石头道」的六日五夜旅行. 抹谷生产世界上最好和最有价值的红宝石,而在贸易上,它被称为「鸽子血宝石」. 当时喀爾文刚刚毕业于美国纽约市的美国宝石研究所(GIA), 成为宝石研究学家,当年他只有18岁


, 我告诉他, 千万不要成为一个死板的「办公桌扶手椅」宝石学家. 你必须经过烈火的洗礼亲自体验过宝石场地和矿山, 让您了解和体验上游采矿作业和活动.


因此,加尔文经常陪我去曼德勒和仰光的玉矿,红宝石矿和各种玉石市场。与加尔文一起旅行很有趣. 他从来没有抱怨过当时艰难的旅程,长时间在狭窄的吉普车上的路程,睡在一个糟糕的, 没有热水洗澡的酒店,充满臭味的房间和那腐臭的床单.

边常见的蚊子叮咬和飞蚂蚁, 非常炎热和潮湿的天气….为电力供应不稳定,即使有发电机, 损的冷气机还是不断的坏.或当那边的食物不那么适合我们,因为害怕腹泻我们只好吃面条当饭吃。

父亲和儿子, 抹谷酒店

论如何,这也是一个极好的抹谷之旅。 第二天我们回到曼德勒睡了一晚, 第二天飞回仰光。

曼德勒市, 缅甸 (Source: Google Image Search)

那天晚间,我们在曼德勒繁忙的街道之一我们最喜欢的西餐厅吃晚餐. 们一共四个人,其中包括和我在一起工作多年的两位女士。


我的天哪 ! 饭后,我才意识到我已经用完了我所有的Kyats, 缅甸所通用的貨幣. 当我去抹谷的时候在我的背包里面, 我携带了满满的Kyats,  现在包包里面装满了一大堆粗糙的石块都是粗糙的红宝石石块,蓝宝石石块,切割的红宝石和蓝宝石等宝石标本.  


晚餐的单一共是75,000 Kyats, 约为72.00美元. 我告诉服务员我会用美元支付. 对我笑了笑,脸上露出一种调皮的笑容. ! 可能的是,他会用自己的钱兑换美元, 接着再从汇率中削减15 .  


我从我内裤的口袋里取出了一堆100美元的钞票,并将其中一张抽出来. 然后我拿出一支笔,在晚餐的账单上写下了那张100美元富兰克林美国总统图像的序列号.   

马上,我看到他那张失望的脸 ! ! 他不能用自己的钱兑换美元,因为他的老板会在账单收据上看到我写下的美元序列号。

这引起我个儿子喀爾文兴趣. 问:嗨,爸爸! 为什么在收据上写上美元的序号?



在我的旅行剧集中, 我又给喀爾文上了一课.

河内, 1992年

199212月,在越南河内寒冷的一个夜晚。 我在一家法国餐厅与两位政府高级官员和我的越南顾问兼翻译员吃晚餐. 时我是柬埔寨外国银行的负责人,我的职责还包括开发越南和老挝未开发的新开市场 .    时我是个「频繁旅客」, 横穿金边,河内,胡志明市,老挝万象,曼谷,新加坡和吉隆坡,为我公司寻找商机。


当我们正在喝着越南人流行的越南冰牛奶咖啡 (一种从银色金属过滤器滴入杯子的强烈的棕色咖啡)时候,离开我们两桌距离处有一阵骚动. 一个男人正在站着,手中拿着的餐厅收据, 愤怒的脸正在拼命地打着手势在与一个服务员争吵。一口美国口音,可能是美籍华侨. 他的同伴,一个年轻漂亮的女士,他的妻子 ? ? 还是他的女朋友 ?静静地坐着, 在她手指之间拿着的一根香烟….一条蓝蓝的烟雾缕缕地向吊扇上漂。


那个服务员拿着100美元的钞票不断地说:先生,这美钞没有用 ! “

到那时那场骚动已经引起了餐厅几名食客的关注, 们盯着这两个人. 们两个人相似在一个月亮的夜晚,房子的屋顶上的两只交战的猫,在战斗中彼此斗大胆。

那个美籍华侨坚持地说他是给了张正版美钞,那个服务员退还给他的美钞并不是他给的 . 那个服务员以平静和蔑视的面容,站在他的面前,反复地说这张美钞没有用

然后,餐厅主管出现了并以支离破碎的英语对那个美籍华侨说 :“许我们叫公安来解决这个问题。


当提到越南警察的时候, 有一段时间大家都寂静了。 那位年轻漂亮的女士突然站了起来,用一个不屑一顾的姿态灭了她的香烟,打开了她的手提包,并拿出了一张100美元的钞票。 然后她拿出一支钢笔,看着美钞,并在收据上写了一些东西

虽然美籍华侨和那个服务员彼此大喊大叫, 彼此互骂对方,一位年轻女士的冷静的头脑占了上风, 赢了。因为事情已经解决了,缓解了,食客们各己回去继续用餐

我的越南翻译员对我说:亚瑟,也许越南公安也是同谋。 100元多于他3个月的工资。 这里拥有假美钞是一种犯罪行为。

所以,我想,越南人经历了几百年的战争,是一个非常现实又洋溢着弹性的种族. 北方越南人战争中,可能会憎恨美国人,但他们都爱绿钞 (美元 )


我看着加尔文,笑着说:总是要谨慎。 这是为了防止任何人用假美钞来交换愚蠢的笨蛋的真美钞。



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