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The Name’s Arthur Lau

At The Gems Market In Mogok, The Land Of Ruby, Upper Burma

The name’s A Arthur Lau.

My favorite quote: “The illiterate of the 21stcentury will not be those who cannot read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

After all I am in my 50s, good time for retirement so they say. You know the sort of things that retirees do – go for a morning coffee with some old timers, reminisces on past glories, lament that you do not receive any forward emails in spite that you sent out many, spin some tall tales, talk shop about politics, give some tips on the stock and about this M&A and that corporate take-over.  Or in your own time do some spiritual meditation in search of the miraculous, seek out enlightenment, immortality or super-consciousness and get more closer to God, think about life after life, get involved with community and charity work, travelling, read some serious poetry, go in search of some rare gemstones and jade, taking care of my aged parents for they are simply a joy to me or just do nothing but listen to the grass grows under your feet.

Then the worms of complacency, laziness and slothfulness will be slowly eating away my living daylight and sanity.  What if I die tomorrow or if I live to a 100?  Blemishes, warts and all, I have to live a fuller life to stay relevant when the world is now moving so fast that you have to keep running like mad just to stay in the same place (like the Queen telling Alice).  I am not competing with anybody, I am just competing with myself not to stay irrelevant in relation to my family, my friends and my community.

And hence I have within my psychic a whole load of pent-up emotions, energy and enthusiasm waiting to explode and unleash to anybody who would like to listen to my ranting, musings and rambling for alas, I am terribly short of an audience or anybody who will have the attention span that I demanded to relate my worldly encounters even though the coffee is on me.  I have given up doing that with my loved ones and some closed friends for they told me it is just SOS…Same Old Story, Same Old Shit or just Save Our Souls for attention.

For I have many a tale to tell, weird experience to share, knowledge to impart, things to teach and above all I like to engage the young, the median and the not too old (definition: anyone above 90 is old) for I want to unlearn, learn and relearn from all of you folks out there who are reading this About at this moment.  Experiences gathered through the fleeting and woolly years of living abroad for more than 20 years in First World Countries (London and New York City) and Third World Countries (Cambodia, Burma & Vietnam) can be enriching, fulfilling, full of fun and love, pain and anguish, trials and tribulations, success and failures, in fact the whole works.

So I decide what I can do best – do online writing on my website/blog.   And perhaps earn some bread for a living to finance me to go further forth into the world…..

Something about myself :

Gemologist.  Greatest passion for jadeite jade. Being to the famous Hpakan Jade Mines and the Mogok Ruby Mines in Upper Myanmar (Burma). Past time hobbies include photography, spiritual leanings, Yoga, writing, poetry and reading. Professional qualifications include Graduate Gemologist (GIA, New York City), MBA (Cranfield University, England) and B.Sc (Hons).


This website is all for free exchange of ideas.  Obscenities, profanities, religious extremism and bigotry, attacking of personalities, political grandstanding or using this website to promote one’s own extreme views of politics and religion are strictly not allowed. Otherwise it is a no-holds-bar discussion board, talk anything under the sun or moon, express your likes and dislikes, tell me I am great or tell me I sucks, just remember, we attack ideas not personalities, we agree to disagree, you may not like my ideas and I may not like your ideas but we are online friends, buddy-buddy and pally-pally – all peachy rose once the discussion is concluded.

Anyway certain crude words are acceptable when they have become the norm.  Like they say: “Shit Happens”.  But I would not like this website to be defaced by people who love to use too strong a language that is not in conformity with usual public civility and social acceptability. If you comment ‘WTF’, I would have interpreted that you mean What’s That For.  But if you will to send me a nasty four-letter foul language email to tell me to go do the things I can’t do then we will have a good banter, and you will know that I might use stronger language than you.  Ha ha that is just a silly thought for people will not waste time.

If you like what I write, do drop me a comment to make my day and recommend your friends and foes to come in.  If you don’t like what I write, you can bash me up and I will still let your comments stand.  No hard feelings nor any love lost.

Most of the posts are all re-written by my own penmanship adding some drama here and some facts there but I try not to go into sensationalism.  At times, it may be a quick and dirty job of cut and paste.  Information are trawled from the internet, books, magazines and other media.  If I fail to give credit mention to certain authors or authorities for the posts I publish, it is either an error of omission or commission, just that I cannot trace the source. Then I owe the owner an apology and a withdrawal of my post if it is demanded of me.

Thank you for coming this far to read up to here.

A Arthur Lau