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A Brilliant Stroke Of Marketing …一个精彩的销售战略


A Brilliant Stroke Of Marketing …一个精彩的销售战略


Abstract: For the promotion of our own diamond, jewelry and jade business, Calvin would often conduct seminars and do talk shows on Diamonds, Jade & Gemstones at universities, Rotary Clubs and social clubs, as well as organize private events for viewing. In one of our private viewing and talk show on Diamonds he did a remarkable job where he executed a brilliant stroke of marketing. That night, we sold a large lot of diamond solitaires.

Oops! This is quite a long article but I cannot trim it down to size as it will not do any justice to the excitement that engendered us on that night.  

An Entrepreneurial Young Business Team & an Old Dog

It was always fun to travel with Calvin for sourcing of jade, diamonds and gemstones in Trade Fairs in developed countries and an Indiana-Jones-liked journey into the heart of jade and ruby land, and nook-and-corner street markets in Third World countries. We talked a lot on business, joked some, gossip a bit and at the end of the day we had a good meal.

Calvin often said to me, “Dad, one of the most important principle of business is to build confidence to our present clientele as well potential customers. We have to make ourselves known as the Jade Expert and the Diamond Expert, at least in this local region that we are operating. At the same time we have to think more on marketing and expanding our reach.”

With a straight face and a piercing look into my eyes, he continued, “You are too technically inclined. You may be the jade expert but the circle is too small.”

Ha! This young lad was lecturing his dad. Me, with an MBA (Master in Business Adm) from the Cranfield School of Management in London, and a Graduate Gemologist (GG) from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), now had to play second fiddle to my up and coming son. But then, it was no skin off my nose. If he could do it, I would only be too happy to let him bring home the business. Probably, My MBA may now had to be re-worded as Mentally Below Average. We had always enjoyed such banter. 

(By the way, I was the oldest at 42 in the class doing GG, while the 3 children were the youngest in the class at 17 and 18 years of age at GIA in NYC).

Organizing an Event

On one of these occasions, Calvin told me that he was organizing a Diamond Talk to a selected audience and clientele whereby we would sell our merchandise at the end of the show. Two months before the event Calvin travelled to New York City to brain-storm and work out the details with his sister Marilyna and William.

They were always a team. Calvin was the point man, with his golden persuasive voice and a dare-to-do spirit, Marilyna, the buyer with her own network of diamond dealers in NYC and her keen nose at optimal market pricing and William, the strategic planner. And there I was, still wondering about the day when I could finish writing a tragic fantasy novel of old China on love and hatred, revenge, retribution and forgiveness and so on and so forth and so on. Nothing had happened as yet.

Private Viewing & Talk Show

That night the event was held at a 5-star hotel, cosy ambience, thick carpet, warm chandeliers lights, coffee and tea and light finger food, some banners extolling the virtues of diamonds and a girl’s best friend, some big photo prints with captions of Calvin and our staff members with their name tags and beaming white toothy smile. There were no door gifts, no liquor or beer nor any fancy tight jacket waiters to serve you drinks.  But the atmosphere was just right for a light seminar, Calvin was making a play on image but not to the point of being ostentatious.

There was no perambulatory speech by an introducer to say in not too many words on Calvin’s credentials or with the usual boring sentence of ‘without much further ado”. Yawn! Calvin was already the poster boy for the night. He just walked with a light spring onto the stage, waved his two hands and said, “Hi! Everybody”.

The Auction

“Firstly, I will start the show with an auction!” Calvin said. He looked at the audience with a modest tilted head, though there was a slight arrogance registered on his small smile. He was after all a straight talk New Yorker!. He waited awhile for the silence to descend on the audience, as all murmurings stopped.

“Are you ready for it!” Calvin’s voice boomed on his collar mike phone. The audience gasped, someone hooted “Yeah! Yeah!” and then the palpable silence settled in again. He was getting the initial rapt attention of the audience with his showmanship.

From his coat pocket, Calvin fished out a small transparent gemstone zipper plastic bag with a red stone inside and raised his hand holding the packet firmly.

“This is a 1.1 carat, cushion cut, non-heat treated ruby from the Mogok mines in Myanmar.” He walked a few paces to his left and to his right and then moved back centre stage.

“This is an open bid for the floor. You bid as is where is. There is no reserve price as a starting bid. The next bid will go up at 50 M Ringgit increment.” Calvin held the stone high, pointing his index finger to the stone and in a way he was implying that there would be no close viewing. This was now or never.

Strange, the audience was quiet. This was a pre-screened audience with money to pay for luxury goods. Everyone who walked in here had an invitation or tagged along with someone with an invitation.

“Do I hear any bids?” Calvin was calm as he scanned the crowd slowly.

Then a lone hand raised up. It was a middle age lady. She said, “101 Ringgit”

“Great! Floor bid now stands at 101 Ringgit. Do I hear any more bids?” Calvin’s voice was again booming on his collar mike phone as he waved his index finger in an arc mid-way up in the air.

Again the audience was silent. After an interminable time lapse, Calvin said emphatically, “Going once.”

“Going twice, any more bids?”

“Done! Congratulations! That lady over there has won herself the ruby stone at 101 Ringgit only.” Calvin’s voice was raised an octave higher as he emphasized the word “only”. He then smashed down a closed fist in the air in the imitation of the final auction hammer.

Suddenly, the crowd cheered. They may be too eager for the road show to start.

But Calvin was not done yet.

He gave a signal by clicking his fingers. A lady staff member walked onto the stage with a half size plastic folder in her hand. Calvin exchanged the plastic folder and the stone with her. She wore white gloves on both her hand. She proceeded to the projector table to mount the stone onto a pair of tweezer and affixed it onto the port of the GIA microscope.

Calvin pulled out a neat piece of folded paper from the plastic envelop. After unfolding it, he waved it in the air.

“This is a gemological report from a reputable Australian gem lab. It states that this is a 1.1 carat ruby with specific dimensions, with no heat treatment and the origin of the stone is from Mogok, upper Burma, the famous mines that produce the finest rubies in the world.” Calvin was already beaming with a smile.

Like a well-orchestrated Broadway play, the lights were dimmed. And the projector screen was filled with an enlarged view of the ruby face-up, with white fluorescent lighting from an overhead lamp mounted on the GIA microscope, which was being projected on the screen with the aid of an attached still-camera adaptor.

The screen showed a well-cut velvety red ruby with no visible blemishes on its table.

In the almost dark foreground with only the screen being lit up, Calvin spoke, “This is a well cut ruby with a clean table and with proportionate facets. There are no chips nor fractures on its table.”

As if on a cue, the overhead fluorescent lightning was switched off and the darkfield illumination from the GIA microscope came on. This was the incandescent lighting from the base of the microscope which shone through the stone, revealing the transparency of the stone with its inclusions.

“You will notice that there are some criss-cross whitish very fine lines intersecting at 60/120 degree. These are called silk inclusions. And this is one of the key identifying features of a Burmese ruby. There are also some minor inclusions, like pin points and some small feathers. But all these are very minute inclusions as expected from a crystal formed millions of years underground.” Calvin continued. He had suddenly gone technical.

The darkfield illumination was switched off. On the screen the ruby was glowing with an enchanting crimson red. The lady staff had placed a Short Wave & Long Wave Ultraviolet light over the ruby.

“This is the key identifying feature of a Burmese ruby. The chromium trace element, Cr 3+ within the ruby gives it the crimson glow.” Calvin said.

Gosh! Had Calvin gone mad with all these technical descriptions? But he still held the audience in rapture. They were listening.

The lights came on again, dimly at first and it slowly brightened up to avoid the sudden glare.

Calvin invited the lady who won the bid to the stage. By this time another lady staff, who wore a name tag on her dress was already standing at the aisle where she was sitting, sweeping a welcome hand with grace and accompanying her to the stage.

She was of medium height, fair skinned and with a pair of silver rimmed spectacles over her slightly oval face. Her jet black hair was tied loosely with a butterfly clip on the back of her neck. She wore a knee length white blouse.

On the stage, the lady staff with the white glove handed the ruby stone to Calvin in the zipper bag. As I observed from the back, I smiled inwardly at the small subtle display, the lady staff was perceived to be handling a valuable stone with full gloves on so that there would not be any fingerprint marks on the stone.

“Congratulations! You are Ms?” asked Calvin as he shook her hand.

“I am Karen,” the lady said with an impish smile.

“This ruby with an authentication report from a reputable gem lab is worth more than three thousand US dollars on a dealer to dealer transaction basis. And Karen, you have won it for less than 30 US dollars, at the current exchange rate.”

As Calvin presented the ruby to the lady, he said, “Congratulations again, Karen. You can pay us later at our counter there.” Calvin was almost on the verge of hugging her by opening his arms wide, then he thought better of it. This was not the good old US of A, whereby everybody would hug you on a splendid victory.

And then the crowd broke out in wild cheers.

The lady was as pleased as Punch with her winning bid as she walked back to her seat accompanied by the same staff usher. She had landed a real whopper of a big fish with the smallest bait.

Diamond Talk

Once the auction was over, Calvin then proceeded to give the diamond talk. He was an old hand in that, having given numerous talks to Rotary Clubs and other private clubs, universities and private groups. He gave the first talk to a university Geological Society when he was 21, upon returning from New York City.

Calvin made this concluding remark at the end of the talk show:

“We are selling solitaire diamonds at the counters over there. There is a Rapport Report with a Rap Sheet indicating the current international pricing on diamonds.” He said, while pointing his thumb balled up in a fist. He had already gone through what was a Rap Sheet earlier in his talk.

“Every solitaire diamond is accompanied by a GIA diamond report. We guarantee the lowest price in the market. If on purchase and you can get it cheaper elsewhere, we will match the difference, plus a free gift.” Calvin grinned, giving a moment silence and scanned the crowd to let his statement sank in.  Superb showmanship, I would say.

The audience again gave him a thunderous clapping of hands.

He was going into the market as the lowest cost producer, plus expertise consultation. When a diamond was accompanied with a GIA diamond certificate, the product was assured. And as Calvin said to me, he only had to instil confidence into the crowd.

That night, our stock was almost sold. There were also numerous orders being placed with price budget and specifications on the diamond grade.

As for Karen, she became our prime customer, a little unassuming lady with deep pockets. Of course, I ‘loved’ her, I loved her patronage. Servicing a well to do client was much better off than servicing the grind market, where they bought small and took up a lot of time.

The three kids had done a great job.

LAVIN NEW YORK, our diamond and fine jewelry website. Click on the picture to browse the website.



摘要 : 为了要促进提升我们自己的钻石,珠宝和玉石业务,Calvin经常都会举办一些研讨会,并会在大学校院,扶轮社和社交俱乐部等地方举办钻石,玉石和宝石的谈节目,并组织一些私人活动观赏会。在一次我的私人观赏石交谈节目中,他做了一了不起的工作,在那里他行了一次煌的市场营销。 那天晚上,我们卖了很多石。

哎呀! 是一篇相当的文章,但是我无法将它短,因为缩短了它便不会起当晚我们的兴奋


都是会很开心和Calvin一起前往去发达国的贸易展览会上采购玉石,钻石和宝石,以及相似电影里印第安纳 . 琼斯神秘旅程中前往进入玉石和红宝石土地的心脏以及第三世界的街角市场国家。我们谈了很多关于商业话题,开着玩笑的闲聊了一下,结束的时候我们吃了顿美餐。

Calvin经常对我说爸爸,最重要的商业原则之一就是要为我们现在的客户和潜在客户们建立对我们的信心。 们必须让自己被称为玉器专家和钻石专家,至少在我们正在运作的当地地区。 时,我们必须要在当地考虑并扩大更多我们的营销影响力。”

脸上露出了一副直爽坦白的笑容,Calvin继续说你太倾向于技术。 你或是个玉石专家,但这个圆圈太小了。”

哈! 这个年轻的小伙子正在教訓他的爸爸。 拥有英国伦敦克兰菲尔德管理学院的工商管理硕士学位(MBA)和美国宝石学院(GIA)的研究生宝石学家(GG),现在要再次的扮演我大儿子和第二个儿子的部下。但是,现在不能太在意这些。 如果他能做到的话,我只会乐意帮助他们让他们提高他们的业务。 许,我的工商管理硕士学位现在可能要被重新设换为”精神低于平均水平位”。 哈哈哈哈 ! 我们一直都喜欢这样的开玩笑。

顺便说一句, 我在GG班上是最年长的学生42! 在美国纽约宝石学院(GIA我的三个孩子才18, 是班里年龄最小的学生)。


记得有一次,Calvin我他正要召开一个特地们选定的观众和客户们的钻石, 这个展会交结束时销售我们的商品. 钻石会召开的两个月前, Calvin纽约市与他的妹妹Marilyna和William一起讨论制定细节。

三个永远是一个合作团队。 思想的Calvin,他拥有一个有说服力的声音和敢于做的精神,Marilyna拥有一个自己在纽约的钻石交易商网络的买家,她热衷于最佳市场定价,William战略规划家。当,我还在怀疑着,什么时候我才能写完一部在我心里关于爱情和仇恨,报复和宽恕等等的旧中国的悲剧性幻想小说的那一天, 目前什么都没有写出来, 哈哈哈。


那天晚上,这个活动是在一家五星级酒店举行的,氛围温馨,地毯厚实,吊灯灯光,咖啡和茶和轻便食物,挂着一些赞美女孩最好朋友-钻石的横幅,还有一些带有字幕的大照片打印 Calvin和我们的工作人员的名字标签和高傲的白色露齿的微笑。那晚我没有派入礼物,没有准酒或啤酒,也没有任何华丽克服务员为您提供料。 但是,这种方式氛分于一个小型的研会来恰到好Calvin正在形象行一,但没有到分炫耀的地步。

那晚没有式大乏味的巡没有冗的去介 Calvin,   也没有不要浪费时间, 不要太多了这种平常无聊的讲词 打哈欠! Calvin经是那晚上海的男孩了。 他只是带着轻轻的脚步走上舞台,挥了挥手,说一声:嗨!每个人, 大家都好 !

首先,我将以拍卖风格开始这个会!Calvin说。 他用一个小微笑, 倾斜头部看着观众,他的微笑上有一的傲慢。 毕竟是一个直言不讳, 绝对不会拐弯抹角的纽约人 所以他等了一会儿, 让所有观众的轻松谈话都安静下来.

 “备好了没有? Calvin的嗓音在他的衣上的麦克响了起来。 观众也喘息着,有人喝采道:是啊! 备好了 ! 备好了 ! 然后明显的沉默再次安顿下来。 他好棒的演出精神赢得观众最初注意。


这是一块1.1克拉, 来自缅甸Mogok矿山未经过人工加热处理, 结合方形与圆角切割的红宝石。他走了几步到左边和右边,然后回去中间舞台。

 “这是一个公开竞标。 按原样投标。 没有底价作为出价。 接着下一个出价将上50令吉。Calvin红宝石举起,用食指指向石头,他暗示说不会有近距离观察,  这是机不可失,时不会再来

奇怪,观众们很安静。 这是一个预先筛选的观众,他们每个人是有钱可以支付奢侈品的。 每个在这里的人都是收到我们邀请来的,或邀请人带来出席的。

我有没有听到任何投标吗?Calvin很平静, 慢慢地扫视着人群。

然后一只孤独的手举起来。 这是一位中年女士。 说,101令吉

 “好! 现在出底价101令吉。 我有没有听到更多的投标吗?Calvin的声音在他领口的麦克风上再次响了起来,因为他正在半空中挥舞着他食指。

观众再次沉默着。 过了一会儿之后,Calvin强调说:第一次了 !


 “ 好!成交!恭喜! 边的那位女士只以101令吉便赢得了自己的红宝石。当他 唯一词时,Calvin的声音提高了。 然后,他在空中砸了一个封闭的拳头, 模仿了最后的拍卖锤的样式。

突然,人群欢呼起来了。 们可能太渴望观赏会快一点开始。


他通过点击手指发出一个信号。 一位女工作人员便手中拿半个塑料文件夹走上舞台。 Calvin她交换了塑料文件夹和宝石。 她手上戴着白色手套。 她前往投影仪桌面,将宝石安装在一把镊子上,并将其固定在GIA显微镜的端口上。


这是一家澳洲声誉卓着的宝石实验室的宝石学报告。 声明着,这是一颗1.1克拉的红宝石,具有特定的尺寸,没有经过人工加热处理,而石头的起源地来自缅甸上部,这里是世界上生产最好的红宝石的著名矿山。Calvin经带着微笑。

就像一场精心策划美国的百老汇戏剧,灯光变暗了。 投影机屏幕上充满了红宝石的放大视图,GIA显微镜上安装了顶灯的白色荧光灯,借助附带的静态照相机适配器将其投影在屏幕上。


在几乎黑暗的展室里,只有银幕被点亮,Calvin说道:这是一个切割得很好的红宝石,有着干净的内部和相称的刻面。 内部没有切屑或裂缝。”

就像在一个台球杆一样,顶部的荧光灯被关掉,GIA显微镜的场照明亮起来。 这是从显微镜底部发出的白炽灯光,透过石头照射,透过石头的透明度和内含物。

 “你会注意到有一些交叉在60/120度的纵横交错的白色细线。 这些被称为丝绸内含物。 这是缅甸红宝石的主要特征之一。 也有一些小的内含物,如针点和一些小羽毛。 但所有这些都是非常微小的包裹体,正如从地下数百万年形成的水晶所预期的那样。Calvin继续说道。 他突然谈论到术细节了。

场照明被关闭了。 在屏幕上,红宝石闪烁着迷人的深红色。 这位女工作人员在红宝石上放置了短波和长波紫外光。


这是缅甸红宝石的关键特征。 红宝石中的铬元素Cr 3+赋予它深红色的光泽。Calvin说。

天哪! Calvin正在沉迷地描述着宝石的技术细节 但他仍然都令观众兴奋。 们都在听


Calvin请中标的女士上到舞台来。 时,另一位身着名牌的女工作人员都已经站在她坐的过道上,用一种优雅的姿势扫了一张受欢迎的手,陪伴她走上舞台。

这位女士身高中等,皮肤白皙,椭圆形的脸上戴着一副银色边框眼镜。 她的黑色头发松松地拴在她脖子后面的蝴蝶夹上。 她穿着一件膝盖长度的白色衬衫。

在台上,戴着白手套的女工作人将放在拉链袋里面的红宝石交Calvin 正如我从后面看到的那样,我微微内心微笑着,这位女士工作人员正在处理一块贵重宝石, 所有过程都使用手套处理,这样宝石上就不会留有任何指纹痕迹。

恭喜! 你是Calvin握着她的手问道。


 “ 这个获得信誉证实验室认证报告书的红宝石,根据经销商以经销商交易为基础,价值超过三千美元。 Karen,现在你以目前的汇率不到30美元便赢回来了.

正当Calvin递这块红宝石给这位女士时,他说:再次恭喜Karen。 你可以在我们的柜台付款。Calvin差一点想张开双臂搂抱她一下,然后他想一想。 这里不是美国老美的地点,每个人都会当你取得辉煌的胜利时都去拥抱你。


这位女士很高兴满意地赢得了她的投标,她伴随着同样的女士工作人员回到了她的座位上。 她用最小的诱饵便钩上了一条真正的大鱼。

卖结束后,Calvin随后进行钻石会。 他是一个老手,已经有好几次与扶轮社和其他私人俱乐部,大学和私人团体进行了多次谈。 当他21纽约市回来时候,他便首次与大学地质学会进行了交谈。


们在那里的柜台上销售单颗钻石 有一份报告报告,其中有一张说明表,说明目前国际上有关钻石的定价。他的拇指指着他的拳头说 在交会的早些时候,他已阅读过这份报告.

 “颗单颗钻石都附有GIA钻石报告。 保证在市场上的价格是最低的。 如果你在其他的地方购买到更便宜的,我们将会匹合个差异,加上送免费的礼物。Calvin咧嘴笑了一下,沉默片刻,扫视人群,让他的声明陷入沉默。我会说这是一个超棒的表演。


他要以最低成本的生产商进入市场,加上由我们提供专业的咨询。 钻石有伴随着GIA钻石证书时,产品便得到了保证。 正如Calvin对我说的那样,他只需要向人群灌输信心。

那天晚上,我们的存货几乎都被卖出。 还有接收到很多顾客们明确地写明他们的价格预算和钻石等级规格方面的订单。

至于Karen,她已经成为了我们的主要客户,一个看上去有点不起眼但是口袋挺深的女士。 当然,我她,我爱她的赞助。 务一个富裕的客户要比服务一个研磨市场好得多,他们在那里买少少,并且花费我们很多时间。


 LAVIN NY 纽约,我们的钻石和高级珠宝网站 . 请点击图片浏览网站.






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I am a Graduate Gemologist trained at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York City, USA. I hold an MBA degree from Cranfield University, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor degree in Mathematics. My earlier profession was a banker until I found jade in Myanmar (Burma) in the early 90s. I have traveled to the fabled Hpakan Jade mines, and Mogok, the world’s famous rubies and sapphires mines in upper Burma, with my second son. Three of my children are also Graduate Gemologist, GIA, NYC and they deal in diamonds, gemstones and jade. 我是在美国纽约市的美国宝石学院(GIA)接受过培训的宝石研究学家。 我拥有英国克兰菲尔德大学的工商管理硕士学位和数学学士学位。我以前的职业是银行家,直到90年代初我在缅甸接触到玉石。我曾经和我的次子一起去过缅甸上流传说中的哈帕翡翠矿山和莫谷矿山, 莫谷矿山是世界上著名的红宝石和蓝宝石矿山。我的三个孩子都是纽约市GIA毕业的宝石研究学家, 他们专门处理钻石,宝石和玉石.


  1. Wonderful article about your children’s business acumen. Although Calvin was definitely the star this time!

    Great to hear that your business is doing well, ***by informing your customers***!

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