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Jade & Stones Art of the Corrupt

Jade art craved in bas-relief.
Jade art craved in bas-relief.
Jade art craved in bas-relief.

Jade & Stones Art of the Corrupt

A former colleague sent me a link from a Chinese microblog describing the confiscation of a cache of art of jade and stones from the residence of a corrupt officer, who is a high level civil servant.


The art of jade and stones are all carved in bas-relief. These are superb pieces only done by master artisans. They are also of huge frames as compared to the flat screen TV or the furniture that surrounds it. It is hard to find a slab of jade or stone in such a big piece, probably they are composite, meaning, they are assembled together seamlessly from a single boulder of jade or stone.


But one thing is for certain. These confiscated works of art will not be destroyed but will be secreted away and kept. Unlike the upheaval of the Cultural Revolution in the mid 60s where the Red Guards destroyed much of the thousand years of cultural heritage of China, condemning every work of art, both foreign and domestic, as works of the bourgeouise. Rantings like ‘Imperialist Dog, Capitalist Roaders, Bourgeoise elements, Revisionist, Running Dog, Enemies of the Proletariat’ and so on and so forth were common scenes in cities and in rural areas. And the cult figure of their Great Chairman, Mao Zedong, reached disproportionate heights where huge picture frames were hung in all the government offices and city halls for the proletariat to pay homage. Mao was then a Demi-god, oh no, Mao was God himself, though a communist was not supposed to believe in God.


Anyway that was history.



Now a large number of mainland Chinese are more capitalist than Americans or the Westerners. Amassing huge wealth, from business, corruption, appreciation of land, dismantling of State apparatus, decentralization, liberalization of its markets and supported by a huge domestic market with its pent-up demand for goods and materials plus a whole host of other market factors, these super noveau riche moneybags are floundering their wealth since China opened up in early 80s.


Didn’t Deng XiaoPeng, the former Premier who opened up China said that “To get rich is glorious’ and thereby unleased a capitalist revolution that paled in comparison with any other past revolutions like the Great Leap Forward or the Cultural Revolution.

Now the present President, Xi JinPing, is witch-hunting those officers who have been on the gravy train for too long. His fiece anti-corruption drive has gone on for two or more years and its momentum is still ploughing hard ahead. He catches corrupt officers who may be ‘mosquitoes’ (lower ranking officers) or ‘tigers'(high ranking officers) in his drag-net anti-graft measures. Several very high and senior officers of the Communist Party or military generals of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) have fallen from grace.

Maybe a number of past or present military PLA Generals are liberating themselves from poverty to prosperity.

The above arts confiscated purportedly comes from a high ranking former PLA General by the surname of Xu (authenticity not confirmed).


Anyway for us commoners we just enjoy the art, though it is seen through a computer screen.

Link : http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzA3NjEyMDkxMg==&mid=202307825&idx=3&sn=6f34ff979a218264adfe3de304ac99c4&scene=1&from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0#rd

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I am a Graduate Gemologist trained at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York City, USA. I hold an MBA degree from Cranfield University, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor degree in Mathematics. My earlier profession was a banker until I found jade in Myanmar (Burma) in the early 90s. I have traveled to the fabled Hpakan Jade mines, and Mogok, the world’s famous rubies and sapphires mines in upper Burma, with my second son. Three of my children are also Graduate Gemologist, GIA, NYC and they deal in diamonds, gemstones and jade. 我是在美国纽约市的美国宝石学院(GIA)接受过培训的宝石研究学家。 我拥有英国克兰菲尔德大学的工商管理硕士学位和数学学士学位。我以前的职业是银行家,直到90年代初我在缅甸接触到玉石。我曾经和我的次子一起去过缅甸上流传说中的哈帕翡翠矿山和莫谷矿山, 莫谷矿山是世界上著名的红宝石和蓝宝石矿山。我的三个孩子都是纽约市GIA毕业的宝石研究学家, 他们专门处理钻石,宝石和玉石.


  1. Dear Mr Lau
    I have a 1.2kg piece of stone that I think is Jadeite, and also tow string of beads.I live in the UK. can you recommend any Jade experts that are in the UK to verify what I have . I have been to a few jewellers but had no as an answer but non could say what these stones are.
    If you can recommend an expert I would be grateful.
    Best regards

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