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3 Hey I Am Back

central park
Central Park, Manhattan, New York City

Hey I am back.

After a hiatus of many months I have to get back to writing again. A number of readers wrote that they missed my ‘kick-ass’ posts and they would like to hear from me again on their jade pieces or their gemstones or some other spins of a story.

With the 3 kids at the Apple Store at 5th Avenue, New York City
With the 3 kids at the Apple Store at 5th Avenue, New York City

Anyway, I am back to New York City, in the good Old US of A, where cars still run miles on their speedometer, where you pump petrol/gas by the gallons, where you buy fruits and vegetables by the pounds, where a foot run is 12 inches, the temperature weather is quoted in Fahrenheit and where the dime ( US 10 cents coin) is smaller in size than a nickel (US 5 cents coin).

Guess that America will stick on with the Imperial unit of measurement forever.

I have been traveling to a few countries and a few States in USA. In NYC my favorites are always the museums, Strand bookstore and Broadway shows on Times Square.

The Lion King - Musical at Times Square, NYC
The Lion King – Musical at Times Square, NYC

Now what do you do in the Big Apple without going to museums and Broadway shows?

Anyway I will catch up with some of the enquiries on jade and gemstones and I write some on my travels.

Thank you to all those readers who still continue to read my posts.

The 3 Kids circa 10 years ago
The 3 Kids circa 10 years ago

For two weeks the Chinese celebrates the Lunar New Year, so I wish all readers a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year, this year being the Year of the Sheep, immaterial of what creed, religion, color or ethnicity you are….

Life is one Great Celebration!

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Yours Truly

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I am a Graduate Gemologist trained at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York City, USA. I hold an MBA degree from Cranfield University, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor degree in Mathematics. My earlier profession was a banker until I found jade in Myanmar (Burma) in the early 90s. I have traveled to the fabled Hpakan Jade mines, and Mogok, the world’s famous rubies and sapphires mines in upper Burma, with my second son. Three of my children are also Graduate Gemologist, GIA, NYC and they deal in diamonds, gemstones and jade. 我是在美国纽约市的美国宝石学院(GIA)接受过培训的宝石研究学家。 我拥有英国克兰菲尔德大学的工商管理硕士学位和数学学士学位。我以前的职业是银行家,直到90年代初我在缅甸接触到玉石。我曾经和我的次子一起去过缅甸上流传说中的哈帕翡翠矿山和莫谷矿山, 莫谷矿山是世界上著名的红宝石和蓝宝石矿山。我的三个孩子都是纽约市GIA毕业的宝石研究学家, 他们专门处理钻石,宝石和玉石.