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Is It Polymer Impregnated Jade?


Dear  A. Arthur

I have a green plate from my great great grandfather, and seem that looks like polymer impregnated, but I need an expert view from you. Would you mind to give your opinion?

Thank You very much.

A Dragon Motif Engraved On The Green Plate

A Goddess of Mercy Engraved On The Green Plate


Hello Soenarto

The few pictures you sent me do not resemble Jadeite Jade material and therefore the plate you have is definitely not polymer-impregnated Jadeite Jade.

Polymer-impregnated Jadeite Jade always have quite good translucency as the jade piece is first bleached to remove impurities and other black spots before resins are forced-injected within the capillary veins.

The mineral material of your jade plate is definitely not aventurine quartz, chrysoprase, blood stone or Idocrase.  Neither does it looks like man-made acrylic, plastic material or opaque glass. I would venture a guess that probably the plate you have is Nephrite Jade.

If there are any readers who are familiar with this type of material I would appreciate it very much if you can drop me a note so that we can share our knowledge.

Thank you

A Arthur Lau

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