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Want To Sell Your Gold, Platinum or Silver Jewelry & Scrapings?


Garfield Refining Company

A reader of my website sent me a useful link for those who wish to liquidate their not-wearing-anymore jewelry, precious metals scraps or any small jewelry items which have no more use.

Wow, this dear reader good friend of mine is a German by birth, an American by citizenship and residing in Mexico owning a ranch and he can do a few tricks or two with his rodeo horse and a lasso.  At 75 he is as healthy as an ox and takes care of his health, he being a formal dental surgeon, until he called it quits and retired as an American Amigo rancher.

Gold Price For Period Jan 2009 to mid Jan 2011

Gold has risen more than 70% for the past two years and it seems that this is quite a good time to liquidate some of your old unwanted assets.  We might as well dig through our closet to find any scraps of precious metals which can be refined into greenbacks.

The company is called Garfield Refining Company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and they have been doing precious metal refining since 1892.  I have called up a few of my jeweler friends in NYC and they said that this company is 100% reliable.

On their website is stated as thus:

We purchase Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Karat Gold, Fine Gold & Silver, Crown & Bridge, Sterling Silver, Grindings, Gold Plated/SS Watchbands, Au & Ag Solder, Filings, Polishings, Bench Sweeps, Inlay, Clippings, Clasps, Castings & Silver Alloy.

Get cash for gold, cash for silver, cash for platinum, cash for gold dental work, cash for gold jewelry and more from one of the country’s leading refiners of Precious Metal Scrap with over 500,000 customers nationwide.

We buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and sell gold and silver bullion. We offer the quickest turnaround in the industry, usually sending payment within 24 hours of receiving your shipment of gold or other precious metal scrap. When you sell gold or other precious metal to Garfield, you are protected by our 24 Karat Guarantee of Satisfaction, so there is never any risk to you.

Unlike many gold and precious metal buyers, Garfield maintains a state-of-the-art assay laboratory to assure that when you refine gold or other precious metals, you get the highest yield possible.

You can choose to be paid in cash or bullion, or you can opt to buy gold and silver bullion outright.

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