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Internal Structure of Jadeite Jade


Microcrystalline Structure of Jadeite Jade

The internal structure of Jadeite Jade comprises very minute granules of monoclinic microcrystalline crystals inter-locked against each other.  This creates a lot of capillary spaces in between each of the micro-crystals.

The EPMA - Electron Probe Micrco-Analyzer

When a small surface area of a Jadeite Jade is examined under an EPMA (Electron Probe Micro Analyzer) equipment, the resulting EPMA chart which can be magnified up to 100,000X shows the cross-section of the jade piece to be like a mosaic tile floor with cement in between.  In the case of the internal structure of jadeite jade, the ‘cement’ are not the opaque mix but are the spaces in between each of the inter-locking crystals, that is the capillary spaces.

Coating The Specimen With Paladium Before the EPMA scan

To do further analysis with Jadeite Jade, I had the opportunity to work with a senior professor in a university to use the EPMA.  The Electron Probe Micro-Analyzer is a micro-beam instrument used primarily for the in situ non-destructive chemical analysis of minute solid samples. The primary importance of an EPMA is the ability to acquire precise, quantitative elemental analyses at very small “spot” sizes primarily by wavelength-dispersive spectroscopy. The spatial scale of analysis, combined with the ability to create detailed images of the sample, makes it possible to analyze geological materials and to resolve complex chemical variation within the specimen mineral.

An EPMA Scan Of A Mineral

Hence, Jadeite Jade is a very porous stone.  This makes it an ideal candidate for dye injection and polymer impregnation to enhance its clarity or to add color with polymer resins into the capillary pores.

Further discussion on dye or polymer impregnated Jadeite Jade will come up in later post.

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