How It All Began ……..

Viewing A Rough Semi Cut Jade Boulder In Upper Burma

This is a personal story to share to all readers on some of my worldly and not-so-worldly experiences, some personal thoughts and opinions on certain gemological and jewelry issues, some adventures and mis-adventures of a banker turned gemologist, some events in my life that turned out to be great lessons of which I will not forget, some hard-knock lessons on buying and selling gemstones, quirks and human follies I came across, observations of human behavior under stress, happiness and sadness, anecdotes that relates to my life and some beautiful insights which I have gained.

So I will not only be writing about serious stuff like how to identify a gemstones but personal anecdotes and aspects of my life that influence me to take this road.  Perhaps you too may gain some insights from my follies and mistakes, perhaps you may laugh and share my joy in relating my experiences, some good, some bad, some savvy and some just plain humdrum. But all my writings are in the spirit of good fun of sharing, in making new online friends, in getting compliments and comments, in inviting jealous rivalries and controversy findings and most of all I found my passion so overwhelming that I am now inextricably drawn to it.

All thanks to my closest friend, a comrade-in-arm, a brother-in-faith, a kith-in-spirit, a buddy-in-bond and most of all we follow the same path of spiritual pursuance and seeking.  We shared the same room in Beijing and in Singapore, oh no, we ain’t sharing no bed so don’t get it wrong.  For he is a very decent down-to-earth being, very religious, God-fearing, monotheist, family-loving, hard working, with all the top academic qualifications from Imperial College, London and an MBA, Cranfield to boot and with all the worldly previous work experience as a big honcho at an international IT manufacturer in Silicon Valley, SF and currently he is a Consultant in some Strategic Think-Tank firm in Singapore.

I told him about my mis-adventure in upper Burma where I paid US$3,000 for a small size rough jadeite jade from a jade miner.  The jade was about 900gm with a small window being mawed showing the finest Imperial vivid green.  The opening price was $5,000 and after much haggling done by my secretary we settled for 3 grand greenbacks, for they would only take US dollars.  And I was in cloud-9 thinking that I had strike an excellent bargain.  I said onto myself that this time I gonna hit the big jade circuit to be one of the Lao Pan (big jade dealers are called LP in Burma, a literal translation from Chinese meaning Big Boss).  Then I quickly ran to a jade cutter to have it opened.

It turned out to be a lemon, worth much less than $100 on the market.

A Small Window Being Opened In An Uncut Jade Boulder
Another Angle Of Viewing On The Jade Boulder
Pix Taken Before The Cutting – Only The Window Was Mawed
Now This Is A Lemon

So my kindest brother had a good laugh and set him thinking about what type of business I am in, having to take such a huge risk.  Being a gemologist is no big deal.  I am darn good at identifying all types of gemstones by the right name and by their right specie and I scored big time when it came to paper examination.  But when it comes to buying and field experience I was wet behind my ears and an absolutely green horn so that these dealers always laugh their way to their own lair (locals cannot hold foreign US dollars in Burma – so no way they would be laughing to the bank) when we shook hands, sealed our bargain, he had my dollars and I had his stone.

I will tell you more about these gambles later.

So once in a while I dropped my brother-in-arms a few emails describing my fumbles as well as some crazy spiritual observations I made.  And from my writings he thought that I have the potential to be a great thinker, a creative writer, a new age philosopher or maybe (lest he did not say it for fear of hurting my puerile feelings) some woolly idiot with his head screwed on the wrong side of his shoulder and his brain resides in the area-where-the-sun-does-not-reach and he is sitting hard on top of it.

That is when he badgered me to write.  One of the text sms I received from him a couple of weeks ago from the Bay of San Francisco was: “Don’t procrastinate”.

By the way, his name is ET and that is symbolic of some very divine intervention.  So this is perhaps the initial blossoming, flowering and the awakening of a slumbered spirit and soul ……

And now when I launched this website he was delirious and gave me a long task list of how to improve on it.

So that is how it began……