Jade Pendant – Dull & Dead! 玉垂饰是如此的没有光泽

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My Jade Pendant Is Dull & Dead! 我的玉垂饰是如此的没有光泽

Abstract: Why is my jade pendant looks so dull and dead after wearing it for several years, while at the beginning it was so much nicer and vibrant? Is it still effective to wear the jade pendant for its protective and therapeutic qualities?

摘要为什么我的玉垂饰在穿过了几年后看起来很沉闷和没有光泽,而开始时时候呢是如此的鲜艳又闪闪发光? 关于戴玉垂饰拥有的防护和治疗的性质它是否仍然有效?

Hi Arthur,

I know you have a great deal of experience with jade.
Please refer to the 2 photos attached here of my jade pendant. I’ve worn this jade pendant for several years with a white gold chain. It’s Grade A, natural jade. In the beginning, it looked so much nicer and more vibrant. But now it looks so dull and dead.

I bought it for its protective and therapeutic qualities. I’ve never dropped it so it’s not damaged or broken. I’m wondering if there’s any point in wearing it anymore because it now looks so dull and dead. Why has it become so dull and dead-looking? Is it still effective to wear this piece of jade? 

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. 

Sincerely, J.H.

, 亚瑟,


请参阅我在这里附上的2玉垂饰的照片. 我已经戴用这个玉垂饰好几年了, 它穿了一条白色的金链子。它是A级的天然玉石. 开始的时候它看起来比较鲜艳多了,更有活力。 但现在看起来却如此的沉闷和没有光泽。

买它是因为玉石拥有的防护和治疗的性质 . 它从来没有摔落过地上,所以没有任何的损坏或破损. 我现在正在想是否还有任何意义去戴用它,因为它现在看起来是如此的沉闷和没有光泽. 为什么它会变成这样呢 ? 继续穿戴它是否仍然有效呢 ?

Hi Ms J.H.

From the photos of your jade pendant, the lustre is still there. I am quite sure that this is the Type A natural jadeite jade pendant.

Your pendant is probably cut and polished manually many years ago. The grain on the surface of a freshly cut jade piece is very coarse. Under magnification of 60X it may look like a moon crater. Hence, a lot of manual polishing work using sand paper of various grit sizes, whetstones, aluminium oxide powder, lamb leather, or diamond powder must be used in order to polish it to a fine grain.

, J.H 女士

从您的玉垂饰照片看来,它光泽是仍然在. 我确信这是A级的天然翡翠饰。

您的玉垂饰很可能是在多年前被手工切割和磨光.新鲜切割玉石片表面的颗粒是非常粗糙. 60倍的放大倍率下,它看起来像一个月球火山口。因此,会使用各种砂粒粗尺寸的砂,砂,氧化粉,羊皮或金石粉末行手工磨光,以便将其磨光到精细为止

To save on labour, a jade cutter may just skip the finer polishing part. Instead he may use wax to coat the jade. Hence, after wearing it for a number of years the wax would be worn off leaving the jade piece dull and dead.

Currently, Jade pendants are polished by tumblers using abrasives of various grades. Hence, it can be polished to a very fine lustre.

为了节省劳动工,切割玉石时他们很有可能会跳过更精细的磨光过程, 而改用打蜡的方式. 因此,穿了好几年之后,蜡会磨,使玉石没有光泽.

目前,翡翠垂饰是用不同等级的磨料磨光的。 因此,它可以磨光到非常精细的光泽.

Jadeite jade is a very porous material. As the wax coating may have worn off, your body oil can easily permeate into the jade pendant as you continue to wear it. Or you can ‘polish’ your jade pendant by constantly rubbing it with your thumb and fore finger. The lustre may return later.

Alternatively, you can take it to a lapidary shop to have the jade pendant re-polished.



In my view, the protective and therapeutic qualities of the jade pendant are still effective because the primordial essence of the stone remains intact as long as its natural state of existence has not being altered in any way. Once a jade piece is being bleached or impregnated with polymer, it then becomes an ornamental piece of jewelry.

在我看来,这块玉石饰拥有的防护和治疗的性质是仍然有效的因为只要其天然的生存状态没有以收到任何改变,头的原始精华就会保持原样. 一旦玉器被漂白过或用聚合物浸渍过,它就只能成为装饰性的首饰

In the Chinese belief system, excessiveness of the ‘Yin’ (or negative energy) element is contributory to various illnesses or bad luck. Hence, wearing a jade piece will enhance the ‘Yang’ energy to the wearer, negating the effects of the negative energy.

You can read more about it here: Jade Fishing In Olden China

No worries, J.H. Your jade piece is Type A natural jadeite jade, wear the pendant.


在中国的信仰中,负能量)因素的过剩是造成各种疾病或运气不利的原因。 因此, 佩戴玉器会将的能量提升到佩戴者身上,抵消负能量的影响。


不用担心,J.H. 女士, 你的玉器肯定是一A级的天然翡翠,可以继续戴上


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  1. MontyHall says:

    I think J.H.’s jade is beautiful! If J.H. were to put it out of view in the safety deposit box for a month, and then retrieve it, methinks J.H. would be amazed at its beauty all over again.